2nd Amendment

Gun ownership was the second unalienable right guaranteed by our Founding Fathers. They understood the need for the general public to own firearms firsthand. Many states in the Union are beginning to legislate in violation of the 2nd Amendment.

As a combat veteran, Charles saw first-hand what happens to populations when they do not have the ability to defend themselves against tyrannical governments. He fully supports law abiding citizens who wish to legally own and carry fire arms. Americans share a personally responsibility in their self-defense. The police are always a phone call away, but those 5-8 minutes can be the difference between your life and death. Charles supports Sheriff Dirkse and Stanislaus County’s issuance of concealed weapons permits to anyone who can successfully pass the background check and training requirements.

Our congressional leaders should:

  • Require national reciprocity of concealed carry permits
  • Stop state and local governments from banning any type of firearms
  • Prohibit gun or ammunition registries
  • Fund research into mental health
  • Implement proven crime-reduction police tactics such as Hot Spot and Focused Deterrence Policing
  • Fund research and programs designed to end the perpetual violence in poverty stricken communities

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