The US education system is failing our students.  As a society, we have continued to erroneously convince high schoolers that they must take on hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal debt for a college degree to be guaranteed financial success. Today, undergraduate degrees are commonly not a path to a guaranteed increase in income. Across the board, Americans fail to understand a college diploma as it was previously viewed: an investment designed to give us a return for money paid up front. We need to ensure students have the opportunity to realistically analyze the cost of their desired degree program alongside the earning potential of each profession they will be qualified to enter upon graduation. It’s a scathing injustice to our country’s youth to herd them into system they don’t fully comprehend before they sign themselves into crippling debt.

  • College education should be referred to within high schools as a financial choice to increase income, rather than a requirement. Students need to be thoroughly advised on the real world risks and outcomes of their post high school education options.
  • Introductions to trade school programs need to be increased in high schools which train several high demand professions after graduation. Many carpenters make over $120,000.00 a year in total benefits once they become a journeyman. However, they get paid as apprentices while they learn the trade.

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