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Americans have more medical issues than any first world country due to unhealthy lifestyle choices. The Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA), aka Obamacare, increased the demand for healthcare by giving access to citizens who refused to pull their weight by paying for health insurance. Demand increased for the same supply, dramatically increasing healthcare costs.

In conclusion, the AHA set up our healthcare system for failure. The government never proved they can effectively manage $3.4 trillion per year, and is not to be trusted with controlling our healthcare options under with Universal Health Care. We either accept low quality socialized medicine or ensure healthcare operates like every industry in a capitalist system: competitively.

We need new Healthcare laws.

Charles Dosset proposes the New American Healthcare Act (NAHA). This proposal will give individuals and families the freedom to choose their own healthcare plan and benefit from lower insurance costs when they choose to live lifestyles which don’t burden the system.

Our elected officials should:

  • Require healthcare providers to publish the costs of their services and treatment outcomes. American healthcare recipients deserve to hold their providers accountable to incentivize them to operate more cost-efficiently.
  • Require insurance companies to publish their revenue vs provider payouts and operating costs. Americans deserve to assess the integrity of the insurance company they pay their hard-earned money to in order to guarantee their healthcare.
  • Prohibit insurance companies from dropping an insurance recipient who paid for coverage 9 of the last 10 years. Healthcare recipients should be incentivized to stay insured. This also protects them from insurance companies who bar recipients from renewing their coverage plan while receiving critical care for issues like breast cancer.
  • Prohibit insurance and healthcare providers from billing responsible Americans for medical problems linked to unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Treatment for medical issues caused by smoking totaled $170 billion per year while treating obesity costs $147 billion per year. Only those responsible should pay the cost. Smokers should pay $4,473 more per year for insurance while those who choose not to lose weight pay an additional $1,575 per year.[1] This will financially incentivize Americans to live healthier lifestyles and decrease demand on our healthcare providers.

  • Strike down government regulations that discourage healthcare provider expansion. Certificate of Need laws across 30 states require providers to obtain permission from the government and their competitors to establish or expand a facility. These laws limit the expansion of providers and competition; therefore reducing the supply of healthcare, which increases our already stifling healthcare costs.

Clear and simple: we make the system fair or we accept socialized healthcare

[1] $170,000,000,000 divided by 38 million smokers and $147,000,000,000 divided by 93.6 million obese

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