Charles’ family was built from legal immigration. His daughter is alive today because his wife immigrated to the United States almost 15 years ago. Charles’ wife has over 50 relatives who immigrated to the United States from Mexico alongside her. Charles is a strong advocate of a lawful immigration system.

Further, the Central Valley needs a robust immigration work force. Over 70% of Valley workers employed on farms are immigrants. More than 50% of these workers are in the US illegally. While I do not support illegal immigration, blaming businesses or their employees will not provide solutions. For almost 15 years, the United States government has failed to enact meaningful immigration legislation, because they wasted that time placing blame. Both Republicans and Democrats used immigration as a talking point but failed to provide any viable solutions.

As your congressman, I will propose my Red, White, and Blue immigration plan:

  • Expanded guest worker visa program.
    • 0-5 Years – (Red Visa) Temporary Guest Worker Status – Workers can come work in America, but are not allowed to bring their family
    • 5-10 years – (White Visa) Permanent Guest Worker Workers can bring their families and reside in the US year round
    • 10-15 years – (Blue Visa) Permanent Residents Guest workers have all the benefits of current green card holders
    • 15+ years – Citizenship Guest workers can apply for citizenship
    • Guest workers must fulfill the timeline allotted on each tier without committing a crime. Committing a misdemeanor resets an individual to the beginning of the timeline pertaining to their tier. Committing three misdemeanors throughout the 15 year process or committing one felony will result in immediate deportation.
  • DACA recipients
    • Recipients of President Obama’s DACA amnesty should be given special consideration. These children did not choose to violate US law and should not be punished for their parents’ mistakes. Each DACA recipient should be judged according to their contribution to society. Everyone who is a net positive contributor to society and free of any criminal record should be granted status as a permanent guest worker, and let them earn citizenship as fast as any other immigrants.
  • Fund border security
    • Our national defense should not be a political talking point. The 35 day partial government shut down due to the failure to compromise on the issue of allocating funds to strengthen border security is abhorrent.  We must immediately fund our border security to the levels requested by DHS and ICE.  We must also fortify our border with physical barriers, electronic barriers, and border patrol agents to the levels requested by DHS.

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