Jobs and the Economy

Charles believes that groups of people make better decisions than elected officials. Free enterprise, not subsidies and government regulation, is the key to creating jobs in the Central Valley.

As a small business owner, Charles understands the burden of the California regulatory system. His bookkeeper spends more time filling out reports required by the state than she does managing his company’s finances.

Businesses have been leaving California in droves. It is estimated that 13,000 businesses moved out of California since 2008. This diverted an estimated 275,000 jobs out of California. We need to incentivize businesses to move to the Central Valley.

Our congressional leaders should:

  • Fix aging infrastructure
  • Work with local leaders to make CA-10 more attractive to businesses
  • Expand the SBA 8(a) business development program to include veterans
  • Expand technical training programs in high school – Far too many students are graduating high school without any useful skills. Teaching our youth marketable skills in high school will increase their value to employers and make them more competitive from the very beginning of their adult life.
  • Listen to the needs of business owners. Too many politicians attempt to legislate based on partisan politics. Charles will listen to the business owners of Central Valley and fight to ensure they are able to create more jobs, thereby expanding the economy.

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