National Security

Throughout his service, Charles was entrusted with Top-Security Clearance to receive and protect confidential National Security information. He hopes to earn that same level of trust amongst the Central Valley’s constituents in order to effectively serve them and protect their rights in Congress. 

As someone who volunteered to enter harm’s way to protect our people, he can no longer stomach our politicians who use national security issues as partisan talking points. They trade the safety of American lives for their personal popularity. Now, he leads the demand for change.

We need to demand our elected officials to allocate proper spending towards: 

  • The Border Wall: Today, a politically toxic conversation which once had bipartisan support. The President failed to correctly message the legitimate need for defensive fortifications along the southern border. These act as a barrier against illicit trade which harms Americans and empowers organized crime south of the border.
    • Anyone from Mexico will tell you officials and police are corrupt. Motivated by generous bribes, they turn a blind eye to drug smugglers and sex traffickers alike. To allow it to continue unabated is to turn a blind eye to egregious human rights violations.
    • Despite the number of terrorists apprehended at the border being classified from public view, the threat of terrorism is still a frightening reality. Only one nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological dispersal device smuggled into and detonated within the US would have catastrophic effects on any large city such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, or Washington DC.
    • We need to build according to the recommendations of our experts in the Department of Homeland Security; not the political agendas of politicians.
  • Cyberwarfare: We are lagging in the cyber defense domain. We need to fund the military to properly defend ourselves against rival nation states and rogue actors.
    •  Place an emphasis on recruiting the best talent into US Cyber command
  • Technologies: We fail to develop in the electronic warfare domain while peer adversaries make significant gains. If we cannot communicate through air waves, we lose command and control of our military.
  • Make fiscal responsibility a promotion criteria. We need to require the DOD and similar departments to evaluate officers according to their ability to behave as good stewards of our country’s resources. As a US Army officer, Charles was directed by his brigade commander to spend all remaining budgetary funds on unnecessary equipment at the end of each fiscal year. This waste of taxpayer dollars was ordered to prevent a decrease in funding, which only led to more waste with each successive year.

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