The Progressive Left has attempted to squash our God given right to practice our faith for far too long. The First Amendment to our Constitution guarantees the free practice of religion for each individual. We must stand up to politicians and un-elected bureaucrats from infringing upon this right.

Charles’ niece horrified him when she revealed what she was being taught in her public high school. Her educators indoctrinated their students on subjects like:

  • Why abortion is morally right
  • Why Socialism is better than Capitalism
  • Why religion is wrong and destructive

If a teacher discusses their views on religion, they deserve to be fired. In 1963, the Supreme Court declared prayer and Bible readings in public schools unconstitutional. This was made on behalf of parents who did not wish religion to be forced upon their children. As the Faithful among the American people respectfully did their part, we must hold those who do not believe accountable to respect us as well. Any contrary conduct is morally unacceptable and indisputably violates the First Amendment.

Our political leaders need to pass federal laws that:

  • Protect the free exercise of religion by all Americans; not just the freedom not to
  • Protect America’s citizens and religious organizations from policies which would force them to violate their religious beliefs in the name of “tolerance”

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