Since living in the Central Valley Charles has met with many business men from the Agricultural industry and it has become evident that the district’s economy and jobs rely on our agricultural situation. Charles’ primary goal is to create continuous access to our agricultural community in order to expand the jobs available to our constituents and stimulate our local economy. Water storage and agriculture is the lifeline of the valley. To make it simple, we do not have a water crisis, we have a water management crisis and Charles will continue the fight for farmers, our water, and our economy throughout his time in office.

Our elected officials should:

  • Expand the guest worker program. This will stop forcing farmers to hire illegal immigrants. Our government’s failure to fix this problem forces the Agricultural Community to remain in a morally compromising position against their will
  • Repeal estate taxes which affect farmers. At a minimum, repeal the estate tax on family held farmland valued under $10 million.
  • Negotiate trade deals which facilitate more international trade, so farmers benefit by selling their surplus on the global market
  • Pass laws that limits the Federal regulatory power. The EPA WOTUS rule is a massive expansion of Federal power. Farmers with degrees in Agriculture don’t need federal regulators telling them how to manage water.
  • In order to help meet our fresh water demands and save our dangerously depleted aquifers from being drained, we need invest in water storage and hydroelectric power.
    • New dam construction for hydroelectric power is necessary to withhold water for diversion into water storage, while providing the energy needed to push surplus water back into the Central Valley aquifer system.
    • CA-10’s Tuolumne River discharges over 600,000,000,000 gallons of fresh water into the San Joaquin River every year. That fresh water eventually drains into the Pacific Ocean.

We don’t have a water shortage problem. We have a water management problem.

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